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Kas Pathar Distance

Guide for Exploring Kas Pathar Distance


Welcome to the stunning plateau of Kas Pathar! Nestled in Maharashtra, this natural wonder boasts nature’s magnificent beauty in the form of a vast floral carpet. To ensure an unforgettable adventure, this how-to guide will help you navigate the mesmerizing Kas Pathar Distance and make the most of your exploration. So, let’s dive right in!

Planning and Preparation

1. Research the Best Time: Kas Pathar blooms with vibrant flowers during the monsoon and post-monsoon season. Check local weather reports and plan your visit accordingly.

2. Gather Essential Information: Familiarize yourself with the distance, transportation options, and facilities available in and around Kas Pathar. Connect with local tourism boards or browse reliable resources for accurate details.

Is online booking compulsory for Kas Pathar?

You must book online if you plan to visit Kas Pathar on a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday. It’s necessary to register through the Government website to visit the Flower Valley Satara.

Getting There

1. Choosing Your Mode of Transport: Decide whether you want to drive or opt for public transportation. If you plan to drive, ensure your vehicle is in good condition for a comfortable journey.

2. Map Out the Route: Use navigation apps or consult a trusted map to plan the best route from your starting point to Kas Pathar. Consider traffic conditions, tolls, and alternate routes for a smoother trip.

Kas Pathar Distance
Kas Pathar Distance

Exploring the Kas Pathar Distance

1. Witnessing the Blossoms: Start your adventure by exploring the sprawling floral carpet at Kas Pathar. Stroll through the meadows, capture picturesque photographs, and immerse yourself in nature’s vibrant hues.

2. Nearby Attractions: Discover other nearby attractions like Thoseghar Waterfalls, Kaas Lake, and Yewvateshwar temples. Plan your visit accordingly to explore these additional wonders.

How to Get Kas Pathar from Satara

Satara to Kas Pathar distance

Satara and Kas Pathar distance is approximately 25 kilometres. While it may seem like a short distance, it’s crucial to plan your journey wisely to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

When it comes to reaching Satara, there are several transportation options available. One of the most convenient ways is hiring a private taxi or auto rickshaw from Satara. This allows you to enjoy a comfortable ride while taking in the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Alternatively, if you prefer public transportation, you can opt for state-run buses that operate between Satara and Kas Pathar. These buses provide an affordable option for those travelling on a budget.

For those who enjoy driving themselves, taking your vehicle to reach Kas Pathar from Satara by car, you can follow these driving directions:

1. Start your journey from Satara and head towards Yevateshwar Kas Road.

2. Continue on Yevateshwar Kas Road until you reach Yewateshwar temple.

3. From Yewateshwar temple, continue towards Bamnoli.

4. Follow Kas Road until you reach Kas Pathar.

It’s important to note that during peak tourist seasons or weekends when the flowers are in full bloom, traffic congestion may occur on these routes. Therefore, it’s advisable to plan your visit accordingly and avoid peak hours if possible.

In conclusion, whether you choose private transportation or public buses or decide to drive yourself, reaching Kas Pathar from Satara is relatively easy with various options available. So pack your camera and get ready for an enchanting experience amidst nature’s colourful canvas at Kas Pathar!

Mumbai to Kas Pathar distance

Kas Pathar distance from Mumbai is around 278 kilometres. This makes it a perfect weekend destination for people living in Mumbai who want to take a break from the busy city life and enjoy a refreshing getaway.

How to get Kas Pathar from Mumbai

Kas Pathar distance from Pune

If you are based in Pune, you will be pleased to know that Kas Pathar distance is relatively closer. The distance from Pune to Kas Pathar is around 140 kilometres. This makes it easily accessible for day trips or short weekend visits.

How to visit Kaas Plateau from Pune?

The nearest airport to Kas Pathar is Pune Airport, 145 km from Kas Pathar. The airport is well-connected to major cities in India. Kaas Plateau is 2.5 to 3 hours drive from Pune. You can reach Kas Pathar from Pune Airport by taxi, cab or bus. You can take the Pune-Bengaluru Expressway (NH4), bus or taxi.

How to reach Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani from Kaas Plateau

Kas Pathar to Mahabaleshwar distance

The Kaas Plateau, also known as the Kaas Pathar, is a vast volcanic lateritic plateau located 37 km away from Mahabaleshwar and 50 km away from Panchgani. The best and closest road to reach there is Ekiv-Medha-Mahabaleshwar. This road is in good condition during daylight, but it can get lonely after dark. Some people might suggest going via Wai and Panchgani, but you don’t need to take that route. The better option is to go through Medha-Mahabaleshwar. Another alternate route is Kaas-Bamnoli-Tapola-Mahabaleshwar, which is about 65 km long. This route passes by the scenic Koyna backwater and the forest, making it a picturesque journey. However, be prepared for winding roads throughout the way.

Kas Pathar distance from Nashik

Nashik, another prominent city in Maharashtra known for its religious significance and vineyards, is approximately 240 kilometres from Kas Pathar. Visitors from Nashik can plan a day trip or even extend their visit for a relaxing weekend amidst nature’s wonders.

Kas Pathar distance from Kolhapur

Lastly, if you are travelling from Kolhapur, which lies towards the southern part of Maharashtra, you must cover a Kas Pathar distance of about 144 kilometres. Despite being slightly farther away compared to other cities mentioned earlier, the journey promises scenic landscapes and an opportunity to explore different regions of Maharashtra.

Please remember that transportation options and routes can change, so it’s a good idea to check for the most up-to-date information and availability before you plan your trip. Especially during the monsoon season, road conditions may vary, so be prepared for potential delays and road closures.

Always prioritize safety and consult your local government or tourist information centre for the latest updates and other travel tips on how to get to Kas Plateau by bus.

If you’re considering visiting Kaas Pathar from Hyderabad (550.9 km via NH 65), Andhra Pradesh, you can travel by train or bus to Satara. From Satara, you can easily reach Kaas Pathar by road, with road routes available through Shendre and Satara Yevteshwar, Pachwad, and Kudal Medha.

Here are the Kas Pathar distances from different cities:

1. Satara – 25 km 2. Pune – 125 km

3. Mumbai – 278 km 4. Kolhapur – 150 km

5. Sangli – 147 km 6. Karad – 72 km.

Kas Pathar to Sajjangad distance

The distance from Kas Pathar to Sajjangad Fort is approximately 33.7  kilometres. Opting for a taxi or private car is a convenient option to reach the fort easily. You’ll have the flexibility to plan your itinerary and even make some pit stops during the journey.

Conclusion: Plan Your Trip Well in Advance for an Unforgettable Experience at Kas Pathar!

Can I drive from Pune to Kas Plateau?

Kas Pathar

The driving distance between Pune to Kas Plateau Reserved Forest is 133 km. It takes approximately 2h 1m to drive from Pune to Kas Plateau.

How do I reach Kaas Plateau using public transportation from Mumbai?

Trains like Koyna Express and Sahyadri Express connect Mumbai to Satara. Alternatively, you can take a State Transport (ST) bus from Mumbai to Satara. Some private bus companies also provide transportation services between the two cities.

How long is Mahabaleshwar from Satara?

Kas Pathar

lateritic plateau located 37 km from Mahabaleshwar and 50 km from Panchgani.

How long is Kas Pathar from Sajjangad

Kas Pathar to Sajjangad distance is 33.7 km via Kaas Road.

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