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The Beauty of Kas Pathar | Kas Pathar Booking 2024


Unveiling the Enchantment of Kas Pathar

Welcome to the enchanting world of Kas Pathar, also known as the Valley of Flowers in Maharashtra. Nestled in the heart of the Western Ghats, Kas Pathar popularly known as Kaas Plateau is a mesmerizing natural wonder that attracts nature lovers and tourists.

kas pathar flower valley
Kas Pathar Flower Valley

This picturesque destination in Maharashtra is famous for its colourful carpet of flowers that bloom during the monsoon season. The plateau is transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour, with more than 850 species of flowering plants, some of which are endemic to the region. From delicate orchids to vibrant wildflowers, Kaspartar presents stunning views that leave visitors in awe.

Whether you’re an avid photographer looking for captivating shots or simply seeking solace amidst nature’s splendour, Kas Pathar promises an unforgettable experience. So come, immerse yourself in the enchantment of Kas Pathar, and witness nature’s artistry at its finest.

 Kas Pathar Season

The Best Time to Visit Kas Pathar| Kaas Plateau

The best time to visit Kas Pathar is during the months of mid-August to October when the monsoon season has just ended. During this time, the plateau transforms into a carpet of colourful flowers and lush greenery. The temperature during these months ranges from 15°C to 25°C, providing pleasant weather for exploration.

However, it’s important to note that Kas Pathar experiences a peak season during September when tourists flock from all over to witness the blooming flowers. This period attracts large crowds and it’s advisable to plan your visit accordingly by booking accommodations in advance.

On the other hand, if you prefer less crowded periods and want to enjoy a peaceful experience amidst nature’s beauty, visiting Kas Pathar during weekdays or early mornings can be a good option even during peak season.

How to Reach Kas Pathar| Kaas Plateau:

Transportation Options and Routes

Reaching Kas Pathar, also known as Kaas Plateau, is a popular destination for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

To help you plan your trip effectively, this section will provide insights into the transportation options and routes to reach Kaas Pathar.

By Road:

One of the most convenient ways to reach Kas Pathar is by road. The plateau is well-connected by a network of highways and roads. If you are travelling from Mumbai or Pune, you can take the NH48 highway towards Satara. From Satara, continue on the SH58 highway towards Bamnoli Road to reach Kas Pathar.

Public Transportation:

For those who prefer public transportation, there are several options available to reach Kas Pathar. Buses operated by Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) run regularly from major cities like Mumbai and Pune to Satara. From the Satara bus stand, you can hire a private taxi or take a local bus to reach Kas Pathar.

Alternatively, you can also consider taking a train to Satara railway station if it aligns with your travel plans. From the railway station, local taxis or auto-rickshaws are available for hire to take you to Kas Pathar.

It’s important to note that during peak tourist seasons like monsoon (July-September) when the flowers are in full bloom, it is advisable to plan your journey as there might be heavy traffic congestion on the roads leading to Kas Pathar.

In conclusion, reaching Kas Pathar offers various transportation options for travellers. Whether you choose to drive by road or use options like public transportation ie. buses or trains followed by local taxis or auto-rickshaws – each option provides its own unique experience while ensuring convenient access to this natural wonderland.

How To Reach Kas Pathar?

  • By Bus
    • Mumbai to Satara – approx. 5-6 hrs
    • Pune to Satara- approx. 2-2.5 hrs.
    • Satara to Kas – approx 35 min
  • By Train
    • Mumbai to Satara- approx. 8hrs
    • Pune to satara- 3.5 hrs to 4 hrs.
    • Satara railway stn to Satara st stand 15 min
  • By Air
    • Mumbai
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Finding Accommodation near Kas Pathar: Hotels and Guesthouses

If you’re planning a visit to Kas Pathar, also known as Kaas Plateau, in Maharashtra, finding suitable accommodation nearby is essential. Fortunately, there are several hotels and guesthouses available in the vicinity to cater to different preferences and budgets.

Hotels near Kas Pathar offer convenient access to this natural wonder while providing comfortable amenities for travellers. These hotels often provide services such as spacious rooms, on-site dining options, Wi-Fi connectivity, and recreational facilities.

Guesthouses near Kaas Plateau offer a more intimate and homely experience for visitors. These accommodations are typically smaller in scale but provide personalized services and a cosy atmosphere. Guests can enjoy interacting with the hosts and get insider tips on exploring the area.

When searching for accommodation near Kas Pathar, it is advisable to book in advance during peak seasons or weekends when there is high tourist footfall. Additionally, consider factors such as proximity to the plateau, availability of parking facilities if you’re driving, and any specific amenities or services that are important to you.

Overall, with a range of hotels and guesthouses available near Kas Pathar in Maharashtra. visitors can find suitable accommodation options that enhance their experience of exploring this breathtaking natural beauty.

Plan Your Visit: Practical Information

To make the most of your visit to Kas Pathar, here are some practical tips:

The best time to visit Kas Pathar

The best time to witness the blooming of flowers is from mid-August to early September, during the peak of the monsoon season.


9 AM to 6 PM

Kas Pathar online booking

Planning your trip to Kas Pathar has never been easier with the seamless experience provided by Kas Pathar booking. Say goodbye to long queues and uncertainty about availability. Now, you can simply visit the official Kas Pathar website to secure your spot and ensure a smooth journey.

Not only does the Kas Pathar booking system make things easier for visitors, but it also plays a crucial role in preserving the delicate ecosystem of Kas Pathar. By controlling the number of daily visitors, the authorities can regulate footfall and minimize the impact on the flowers, ensuring their natural beauty remains intact for future generations to enjoy.

Kas Pathar Entry Fee:-

  • Rs.150/person. If you’ve booked online, it’s important to bring a printed entry ticket as mobile screenshots won’t be accepted (No entry Fee for children below 12 years)
  • Special facility for school/college students: Rs. 40/person. Letter from school/college principal mandatory; without it, the facility won’t be provided. However, this facility is not available on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Bicycle Ride: Fee – Rs. 50/- per hour (for travelling from Rajmarg to Kumudini Lake).
  • Guided Tour: Fee – Rs. 100/- per hour (one guide for ten people)
  • Online booking is compulsory.

For advanced online Booking visit the website

Tips for Booking Your Trip to Kas Pathar: Dos and Don’ts

When planning a trip to Kaas Pathar, also known as the Kaas Plateau, it’s important to keep a few key tips in mind. This beautiful destination is known for its vibrant carpet of flowers and breathtaking landscapes, making it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike.

Here are some dos and don’ts to consider when booking your trip to Kas Pathar:

1. Do plan your visit during the peak flower season: The best time to witness the blooming of flowers at Kas Pathar is usually between August and September. Check the local weather conditions and bloom forecasts before finalizing your travel dates.

2. Don’t forget to make reservations: Kas Pathar attracts a large number of visitors each year, especially during the peak season. To avoid any last-minute hassles, it’s recommended to book your accommodations in advance and secure any necessary permits if required.

3. Do hire a local guide: Exploring Kaas Pathar with the help of a knowledgeable guide can enhance your experience significantly. They can provide valuable insights about the region’s flora, fauna, and history while ensuring you don’t miss out on any hidden gems.

4. Don’t litter or disturb the natural environment: As responsible travellers, it’s crucial to respect the pristine beauty of Kas Pathar by not littering or damaging the natural surroundings. Follow designated trails, dispose of waste properly, and leave no trace behind.

5. Do carry appropriate gear: Depending on the time of year you visit, be prepared for varying weather conditions at Kas Pathar. It’s advisable to carry comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, hats, or caps for sun protection, insect repellent, and sufficient water to stay hydrated during your exploration.

6. Don’t miss out on other attractions nearby: While visiting Kaas Pathar should be a priority during your trip, don’t forget that there are other noteworthy attractions nearby. Places like Thoseghar Waterfalls, Sajjangad Fort, and Kaas Lake are worth considering to enhance your overall experience.

By keeping these dos and don’ts in mind while booking your trip to Kaas Pathar, you can ensure a memorable and enjoyable visit to this natural wonderland. Plan ahead, respect the environment, and soak in the beauty of this floral paradise.


Embark on a Mesmerizing Journey at Kas Pathar!

Which is the best time to visit Kaas Pathar?

The best time to visit the Kaas Pathar/Plateau is from mid-August to early October.

What is the Kaas Pathar famous for?

Kaas Pathar a Valley of Flowers in Maharashtra, Kaas is well known for its massive carpets of blooms that spring at the end of the monsoon season.

What is the entry fee for Kaas Pathar?

Rs.150/person. If you’ve booked online, it’s important to bring a printed entry ticket as mobile screenshots won’t be accepted (No entry Fee for children below 12 years)
Special facility for school/college students: Rs. 40/person. 

How far is Kaas Pathar from Pune?

Pune and Kaas Plateau are separated by 136 miles.

Which is the nearest railway station to Kas Pathar?

Satara Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Kaas Plateau.

How to reach Kaas Pathar from Mumbai?

Taxis or private vehicles are the recommended modes of transportation from Mumbai, Pune, and Satara.

Where is Kaas Plateau located?

Kaas Pathar or Kaas Platue (local name) is located in the Satara district of Maharashtra. Satara is about 140 km from the main city of Pune.

How to get to Kas Pathar

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